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What do I offer?

Cormack Psychology provides sport and exercise psychology services for individuals and groups from the heart of Scotland. Problem solving, personal growth, mental skill development, and improving group dynamics are just some examples of what I can do for you.

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For Sport

Sport psychology supports athletes, coaches, and teams of any level to improve the way they think and feel about their sport. Increase your performance potential and enjoyment of your sports participation.

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For Exercise

Let Cormack Psychology help you to find motivation, confidence, enduring behaviour changes, and enjoyment in your exercise programme. Whether that is occassional runs, regular gym sessions, cycling with friends, or anything in between. Learn how to be your best self.

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For Business

Bring the principles of sport and exercise psychology to your business or organisation. Improve team dynamics, grow motivation, and ultimately increase performance levels.

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For Everyone

Everyone can benefit from sport and exercise psychology, regardless of your fitness or performance levels. Whether you have a specific issue that you would like to improve or you are simply interested in growing your understanding of your own thinking, Cormack psychology can help.

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