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What Can Fit-Think Do For You?

Fit-Think combines the skill sets, experience and knowledge of Dr Elanor Cormack, (DPsych, CPsychol, HCPC), a BPS Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist and Vicky Begg, MSc Psychology of Sport, Level 3 Triathlon Coach, Coach Tutor & COSCA certificate in Counselling Skills, to offer endurance athletes tailored sport psychology solutions and holistic coaching support packages.

Elanor and Vicky provide related but specialised support towards your event. Take a look below to get to know more about the options available.

Dr Elanor Cormack

Cormack Psychology

Elanor works collaboratively with her clients to create the most helpful and personalised sessions, targeting the client’s specific needs. Topics covered can include performance enhancement, improving motivation, anxiety reduction, building confidence, mental coping strategies, and many more. 

Vicky Begg

The Sports Counsel

Vicky offers a combination of endurance coaching experience, sport psychology knowledge and counselling skills to uncover new depth and understanding of your progress towards achieving your sports and life goals. Packages are available to suit your needs based on the expected end point or duration of your intended goal and on your budget.


These packages are designed for endurance athletes entering the Dragon's Back Race 2024 and are provided in conjunction with Ourea Events. As participants in the world's toughest mountain race, you deserve the complete preparation experience. 

So what do you need to excel? Browse the options below to learn more about our packages. 

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Explore your current context, resources, or self-awareness in a single session.

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Targeted block of sessions to address particular issues in your training or competing.

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More intensive support over a longer period, leading up to your event.

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