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Motivation, Goals, and Success

Whether you are looking for support to start exercising, want to get more enjoyment from your activities, need help to maintain motivation, or you feel there are barriers preventing you from reaching your goals, I can help.

Together we will explore your aims and experience of exercise to find the right approach for you. This might involve trying new behaviours, altering your thinking, or exploring how you feel about exercise in your life.

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Group Approaches

Cormack Psychology can support group interventions through direct support for participants (e.g. workshops on goal-setting). I can also help your organisation to design behavioural change interventions and upskill your staff on working in exercise behaviour change. This can be at a management, staff, or client level depending on the needs of your group.

Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and how I can help you to meet them.

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ThinkingFit Programmes

ThinkingFit is a flexible membership and education programme suitable for anyone who wants to feel more motivated for exercise and understand more about how to think for fitness.

Invest in yourself to increase your chances of reaching your goals.
Monthly membership starts at just £9.99.

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Very good session – I feel more motivation to exercise now.

Workshop participant,