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Individual Improvement

I will help you to problem-solve, understand how your thinking affects your performance, and support you to apply behaviour changes into practice.

This is for you if you have ever wanted to improve how you feel during your sport, maintain a positive balance between sport and the rest of your life, or learn how to get the most out of your sporting endeavours.

Sessions can be face-to-face, on the phone or online. An initial 30 minute discussion to explore your needs is free. 

Sessions are normally 50 minutes, but may be longer if appropriate (e.g. across a training session).  The number of sessions that a client has depends on the client needs, but 6-12 sessions is the average for specific issues, although some people enjoy longer term support across a competition period.

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Coach's Corner

So much of the sporting environment is created by coaches. With that in mind, I offer Coach's Corner for a 1-hour conversation with a sports psychologist to open the door to a world of knowledge, expertise, and personalised guidance. During this dedicated hour, you can:
Discuss Coaching Challenges: Share your obstacles, concerns, and questions with a professional who understands the unique pressures of coaching. Whether it's managing team dynamics, building motivation, or handling performance slumps, I am here to help.
Explore Mental Strategies: Unlock the secrets to a winning mindset. Learn about techniques to enhance your athletes' mental resilience, focus, and confidence, setting them up for success on and off the field.
Receive Tailored Advice: I will work closely with you to understand your coaching style, team dynamics, and goals. Expect personalised recommendations that align with your coaching philosophy.

How It Works
Book Your Session: Get in touch to arrange a suitable time slot. Sessions are only £45 for 1-hour of dedicated sport psychologist time. This can be for up to 3 coaches from the same club/group.
Connect Virtually: Our session will take place through a secure virtual platform, ensuring a comfortable and confidential environment for open discussions. Engage and Learn: Dive into an enriching conversation. Share your experiences, ask questions, and receive expert advice.
Apply Insights: Take the knowledge gained from your session and apply it to enhance your coaching approach and inspire your athletes. 

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Team/Group Growth

I will help your team or squad to address specific issues, develop their cohesion, or learn how to use mental skills to their performance benefit.

This is for your group if you would like to be proactive in increasing your performance or if your group has a current problem with its dynamic (e.g. lack of goal clarity, communication failures).

I also work through National Governing Bodies with groups of coaches, officials and volunteers  to support their development.

Group work is normally face-to-face, but can be online (currently the only approach offered due to Covid-19 restrictions). Depending on the client needs, this can be an educational workshop format or bespoke sessions targetting a specific topic or issue.

Get in touch to discuss your group's needs and the best option to raise their potential.

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The sessions were relaxed, personal, and provided me with the tools to use in a real life setting.

Individual client, Stirling