Dr Elanor Cormack, DPsych, CPsychol

I am Dr Elanor Cormack and I am a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist. I operate Cormack Psychology to provide psychologist support to sport performers and organisations of all levels; motivation and behaviour change support to exercise participants and deliverers; and application of performance principles to business. I bring more than a decade of experience working in sports management, combined with my training and expertise in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

I believe that everyone can benefit from psychological support and development, regardless of their level of involvement in sport or exercise. I draw my approach from the needs of my client and spend time exploring these with clients before agreeing a plan of support.

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What are sessions like?

Every client's experience is different, but most find that working with a psychologist gives them breathing room and space to explore issues without judgement. I will work with you to identify your goals for support and together we will decide on how we will get there.

Sessions can take place face-to-face or online. Face-to-face sessions often take place at training venues, community venues, or client's homes. If you prefer to keep active then no problem - we can walk and talk! I offer individual session for those aged 14+, although group session may be available for younger children so please get in touch.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we may spend our time talking through the issues, exploring cognitive-behavioural (CBT) strategies, or working on behaviour changes in your sporting setting. We may also identify techniques for you to practice at home. Our discussions may be challenging, but I will always take my lead from where you want to go and how quickly. All client conversations are completely confidential.

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Group Sessions

Teams, schools, organisations, and businesses can access bespoke group sessions. I offer both educational workshops on topics such as goal-setting, effective self-talk, and relaxation techniques, and bespoke group dynamics sessions to develop your group's values, goals, and self-awareness for improved performance.

If your group or team would benefit from shared goals, a better understanding of each other, increased motivation, or clear communication then get in touch to explore the options available for you.

A client's experience

I would highly recommend Elanor's help. I had been struggling with my running, not physically, but mentally. I've been running for years but every now and then I go through a tricky patch. I really wanted help to fix this as it ruined the enjoyment of it.

I spoke with Elanor and her advice was really helpful and I am now back enjoying running again and feeling much more positive. For example, she advised me not to aim too high (i.e. don't think that I'll suddenly be Mo Farah!); to see the runs in little chunks and to visualise myself at different points; to be kind to myself and that if it doesn't work out that day, it's not the end of the world or a failure, just go again another day.
All very simple but all very effective."

Sport client, Edinburgh

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